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An alphabetical list of ancestors who have appeared in the monthly newsletters
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  Family name Month Year Place Other information  
  TASKER Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  TATTERSALL Nov. 2001 Haslingden Wife of James Ashworth  
  TATTERSALL Oct. 2004 Bacup Methodists  
  TATTERSALL Dec. 2004 Newchurch    
  TATTERSALL Apr. 2006 Rossendale Baptists  
  TATTERSALL Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889  
  TATTERSALL Nov 2012 Lench Accident-Hareholme 1801  
  TAYLOR Mar. 2000 Newchurch Cunliffe Letters  
  TAYLOR Aug. 2000 Tunstead    
  TAYLOR Jan. 2001 Tunstead    
  TAYLOR Feb. 2001 Newchurch Wife of Edmund Ashworth  
  TAYLOR Jun. 2001 Miller Barn & Bacup - Joiner  
  TAYLOR Jul. 2001 Miller Barn    
  TAYLOR Jun. 2002 Rossendale Married Mary Ann Holden  
  TAYLOR Jun. 2002 Rossendale Married Maria Holden  
  TAYLOR Feb. 2003 Bacup Wife of Samuel Lord - 1815  
  TAYLOR Aug. 2004 Rising Bridge Methodist  
  TAYLOR Nov. 2004 Scout Innkeeper  
  TAYLOR Jan. 2005 Scout Innkeeper  
  TAYLOR Feb. 2005 Waterfoot Manufacturer  
  TAYLOR Mar. 2005 Newchurch Andrew and Family  
  TAYLOR Dec. 2005 Rossendale & USA Taylors of Rossendale  
  TAYLOR Jan. 2006 Rossendale & USA Taylors of Rossendale Pt 2  
  TAYLOR Apr. 2006 Newchurch wife of John Bolton  
  TAYLOR Aug. 2006 Rawtenstall Did you miss?  
  TAYLOR Sep. 2006 Height End Jurors' Lists  
  TAYLOR Oct. 2006 Burnley Jurors' Lists  
  TAYLOR Nov. 2006 Rawtenstall Unitarian Chapel  
  TAYLOR Dec. 2006 Sherfin Jurors' Lists  
  TAYLOR Aug. 2007 Newchurch Joshua born 1816  
  TAYLOR Oct. 2007 Newchurch m. 1901  
  TAYLOR Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  TAYLOR May. 2008 Waterfoot Church-warden c1871  
  TAYLOR May. 2008 Musbuy & Alden Book Review  
  TAYLOR Jun. 2008 Newchurch Registers Burial 1867  
  TAYLOR Nov. 2008 Rawtenstall Inn Keeper & Yeoman  
  TAYLOR Feb. 2009 Waterfoot William Taylor 1813 - 1892  
  TAYLOR May 2009 Newchurch Burial 1877  
  TAYLOR May 2011 Newchurch & USA  
  TAYLOR Dec. 2012 Carter Place Auction 1806  
  TAYLOR Oct 2012 Newchurch Lancashire Assizes 1806  
  TAYLOR Aug. 2013 Haslingden 17th C. Marriage  
  TAYLOR Aug. 2013 Hollinyate 18th C. Bapt Methodist  
  TEASDALE Oct. 2006 Haslingden Jurors' Lists  
  TEMPERLEY Sep 2012 Bacup    
  THOMPSON May. 2002 Haslingden & Scotland  
  THROCMORTEN Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Townley Estate Trustees  
  TOMLINSON Apr. 2000 Waterfoot    
  TONDRA Apr. 2004 Haslingden Catholics - 1851  
  TOWNEND Feb. 2002 Newchurch Innkeeper  
  TOWNSEND Nov. 2001 Galliopoli Killed WWI  
  TOWNSEND Oct. 2006 Haslingden Jurors' Lists  
  TOWNSEND Apr 2010 Rawtenstall & Haslingden  
  TOWNSEND May 2010 Townsend Fold A 20th C. Memory  
  TRAVIS May. 2003 Rawtenstall Smallpox 1893  
  TRICKETT Feb. 2001 Newchurch    
  TRICKETT Jul. 2001 Crawshawbooth    
  TRICKETT Aug. 2003 Newchurch    
  TRIPPIER Sep. 2002 Bacup Schoolmaster  
  TRIPPIER Apr. 2003 Newchurch Joseph 1774  
  TRIPPIER Mar. 2010 Rossendale & Yorkshire  
  TURNER May. 2004 Helmshore Manufacturer  
  TURNER Dec. 2010 Brandwood wife of Robert Hardman