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St James' Church, Haslingden
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St Mary's, Church Rawtenstall
An alphabetical list of ancestors who have appeared in the monthly newsletters
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  Family name Month Year Other information  
  DALY Aug. 2000 Haslingden Mar. Register Office  
  DARNLEY Jul. 2004 Rossendale Methodist  
  DAVIDSON Mar. 2013 Rossendale & District Calico Printers  
  DAVIDSON Mar. 2013 Carisle etc Calico Printers  
  DAVIES Aug. 2002 Rawtenstall    
  DAVISON Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  DAVITT Oct. 2000 Haslingden Blue Plaque  
  DAVITT Apr. 2004 Haslingden Catholics - 1851  
  DAWES Jun. 2003 Haslingden Union Workhouse Minutes  
  DE CHARON Aug. 2000 Haslingden Wife of Albert Daly  
  DEAN Oct. 2013 Haslingden Cotton Manufacturer  
  DEARDEN Feb. 2002 Bacup Wife of Benjamin Gaskell  
  DEARDEN Dec. 2010 Brandwood Lords of the Manor  
  DEARDEN Jan. 2011 Stacksteads Hairdresser  
  DEARDEN Aug. 2013 Hudhey 17th C. Burial 1683  
  DEIGN Feb. 2002 Goodshaw Baptists  
  DENNISON May. 2010 Haslingden A death at Hutch Bank  
  DEWHURST Aug. 2013   17th C. Clerke  
  DISLEY Oct. 2007 Bacup Memories 1950  
  DIXON Aug. 2000 Bacup    
  DIXON Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  DOBSON Aug. 2000 Coal Hey Hasl.    
  DOBSON Apr. 2001 Waterfoot Wife of James Haworth  
  DOBSON Aug. 2013 Haslingden Clerke 17th C. Marriage Witness  
  DOWNHAM Nov. 2003 Haslingden Memorial Card  
  DUCKWORTH May. 2000 Edenfield & Burnley  
  DUCKWORTH Sep. 2001 Haslingden Gravestone  
  DUCKWORTH Feb. 2002 Ewood Bridge Wife of Edward P. Smith  
  DUCKWORTH Feb. 2002 Ewood Bridge Railway Accident  
  DUCKWORTH May. 2003 Haslingden    
  DUCKWORTH Oct. 2006 Haslingden Jurors' Lists  
  DUCKWORTH Aug. 2007 Haslingden wife of Walker Ashworth  
  DUCKWORTH May. 2008 Musbuy & Alden Book Review  
  DUCKWORTH Jun. 2008 Newchurch Registers Burial 1871 Man & Wife  
  DUCKWORTH Oct. 2009 Rawtenstall & America  
  DUCKWORTH Nov. 2012 Haslingden Pack Horse Driver  
  DUCKWORTH Dec. 2012 Crawshawbooth Auction 1804  
  DUCKWORTH Aug. 2013 Bury Parishe 17th C. Marriage  
  DUN Aug. 2001 Rossendale    
  DUXBURY Jul. 2001 Baxenden & Accrington- 18th Century  
  DYSON Sep. 2006 Rossendale & Manchester