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St James' Church, Haslingden
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St Mary's, Church Rawtenstall
An alphabetical list of ancestors who have appeared in the monthly newsletters
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  Family name Month Year Place Other information  
  MADEN Apr. 2001 Waterfoot    
  MADEN Dec. 2001 Greens Bacup Gravestone/ Ebenezer  
  MADEN Dec. 2006 Bacup Leeds strays  
  MADEN Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889  
  MADEN Sep 2012 Haslingden sister of Margaret Walker  
  MADEN Nov 2012 Newchurch Accident-Hareholme 1801  
  MARKHAM Jul. 2006 Rawtenstall & Wardle  
  MARSHALL Nov. 2007 Bacup & Todmorden  
  MATTHEWS Aug. 2000 Bacup 1885 - 1944  
  MAWDSLEY Aug. 2004 Musbury Methodist 1781  
  MAWDSLEY Aug. 2006 Bacup wife of James E. Musk  
  MAWDSLEY Jun. 2007 Cloughfold    
  MAWDSLEY Nov. 2007 Bacup m. Samuel Jackson  
  MAWDSLEY Aug. 2010 Bacup    
  MAWDSLEY May 2012 Bacup & New Zealand  
  MAXWELL Jul. 2007 Newchurch Wife of G.R. Ashworth  
  MC BRIDE Apr. 2009 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  MC CONNAL May. 2002 Haslingden & Scotland  
  MC CORMICK Jul. 2007 Rawtenstall & Hyde  
  MC COY Jan. 2004 Bacup & Haslingden  
  MC DONOUGH Feb. 2004 Bacup 1901 Census  
  MC GRATH Jan. 2004 Rawtenstall & Edenfield  
  MC GUIRE May. 2003 Rawtenstall Smallpox 1893  
  MC KEAN Jul. 2001 Edgeside Sneddle Holme  
  MC KEON Feb. 2010 Newchurch 1841 Census  
  MC KERNAN Jul. 2007 Higher Booths & Ireland  
  McKERNAN Aug. 2010 Rossendale Accrington & Australia  
  MC PARTLAND Feb. 2002 Crawshawbooth Wife of Joseph Finney  
  MC WILLIAM May. 2002 Haslingden & Scotland  
  MEAD Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  MILLER Apr. 2006 Waterfoot died 2005  
  MITCHELL Sep. 2002 Bacup Wife of Joseph E. Trippier  
  MITCHELL Jan. 2003 Bacup Wife of James Mitchell 1846  
  MITCHELL May. 2005 Bacup    
  MODESLEY Mar. 2005 Accrington wife of Andrew Taylor 1826?  
  MOMER Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  MOORHOUSE Nov 2012 Haslingden Death sentence 1808  
  MOORHOUSE Apr. 2013 Haslingden Burglary 1808  
  MORRIS May. 2005 Crawshawbooth Holden Wood & Edenfield  
  MURRAY Jan. 2004 Burnley & Bacup  
  MURRAY Apr. 2004 Haslingden Catholics - 1851  
  MUSK Aug. 2006 Bacup & Norfolk