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St James' Church, Haslingden
St John's Church, Bacup
St Mary's, Church Rawtenstall
An alphabetical list of ancestors who have appeared in the monthly newsletters
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  Family name Issue Year Place Other information  
  NELSON Feb. 2000 Helmshore    
  NETHERWOOD Aug. 2005 Bacup Brass Manufacturer  
  NEWMAN Dec. 2000 Newchurch Wife of James Haworth  
  NEWMAN Jun. 2005 Bacup Dau of Edmund Newman  
  NOLAN May. 2006 Rossendale & Oxford -Strays  
  NOLAN Nov 2011 Haslingden & Irish connections  
  NUTTALL Oct. 2000 Newchurch & Yorkshire  
  NUTTALL Sep. 2001 Lumb Wife of William Haworth  
  NUTTALL May. 2003 Rawtenstall Smallpox 1893  
  NUTTALL Nov. 2003 Rossendale Innkeeper/Debtor - 1851  
  NUTTALL Feb. 2004 Bacup 1901 Census  
  NUTTALL Jul. 2004 Newchurch wife of James Ashworth  
  NUTTALL Dec. 2004 Newchurch    
  NUTTALL Dec. 2005 Rossendale & USA Taylors of Rossendale  
  NUTTALL May 2006 Newchurch wife of James Ashworth  
  NUTTALL Jul. 2007 Newchurch Mary mar. 1810  
  NUTTALL Aug. 2007 Newchurch Mary mar. 1810  
  NUTTALL Sep. 2007 Newchurch Eli & Mary- Burials  
  NUTTALL Jan. 2008 Haslingden w. Oliver Ormerod  
  NUTTALL Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  NUTTALL Aug. 2008 Haslingden wife of Oliver Ormerod  
  NUTTALL Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889  
  NUTTALL May 2009 Edenfield Born 1832  
  NUTTALL May 2010 Newchurch Grocer  
  NUTTALL May 2010 Higher Booths m. John Whitehead 1764  
  NUTTALL May 2011 Lumb/Edgeside    
  NUTTALL Jul. 2011 Baptists Resaerch Methods  
  NUTTALL Nov 2012 Newchurch Accident-Hareholme 1801