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St Mary's, Church Rawtenstall
An alphabetical list of ancestors who have appeared in the monthly newsletters
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  Family name Month Year Place Other information  
  CAMPBELL Jun. 2008 Newchurch Registers Burial 1869  
  CHADWICK Mar. 2001 Edenfield    
  CHARLESWORTH May. 2006 Rossendale & Oxford -Strays  
  CHENEY Jul. 2005 Clitheroe nee Broadley  
  CHEW Oct. 2001 Rising Bridge Bible  
  CHEW Apr. 2002 Haslingden    
  CLAYTON Aug. 2013   Roberti Claytons Marraige Venue  
  CLEGG Oct. 2007 Newchurch m. John Ashworth  
  CLEGG Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  CLEGG Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889  
  CLEGG Jan. 2010 Newchurch Unitarian Church  
  CLEGG Oct. 2013 Haslingden Offer of information  
  CLITHEROE Feb. 2002 Bury Wife of Thomas Isherwood  
  COCKERILL Oct. 2000 Haslingden Blue Plaque  
  COCKERILL Apr. 2009 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  COLLIER Jun. 2003 Haslingden Union Workhouse Minutes  
  COLLINGE Feb. 2002 Edenfield    
  COLLINGE Mar 2011 Rossendale Greave 1810  
  COLLINGE May 2011 Cowpe Musician  
  COLLINGE Jan. 2103 Haslingden Builder & Excavator 1899  
  CONWAY Feb. 2010 Newchurch 1841 Census  
  COOKE Jan. 2010 Newchurch Unitarian Church  
  COOP/ COWPE Oct. 2002 Newchurch    
  COOPER Dec. 2001 Rawtenstall & Cambridgeshire  
  COOPER Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889  
  CORDWELL Nov. 2002 Rawtenstall WWII - Evacuee  
  COUP Sep Sep. 2013 Son of John & Ann 18th C. Baptism  
  COUPE May. 2008 Waterfoot    
  COUPE Dec. 2012 Carter Place Auction 1806  
  COWPE Aug. 2000 Haslingden    
  COWPE Feb. 2002 Haslingden & Bury  
  COWPE Aug. 2013 Owlerbottom 17th C. Baptism 1660  
  CRABTREE Nov. 2002 Dancer California  
  CRABTREE Feb. 2003 Loveclough    
  CRABTREE Feb. 2005 Bacup Spinner  
  CRABTREE Dec. 2005 Rossendale & USA Taylors of Rossendale  
  CRABTREE May. 2008 Springfield    
  CRABTREE Sep. 2013 Soldier, Rising Bridge 18th C. Burial  
  CRAWSHAW July. 2006 Newchurch & Wardle  
  CROMPTON Sep. 2013 Goodshaw 18th C. Burial  
  CRONKSHAW May. 2008 Musbuy & Alden Book Review  
  CROPPER Feb. 2002 Rossendale One Name Study  
  CROPPER Sep. 2002 Bacup    
  CROPPER Dec 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889  
  CROSS Nov 2011 Haslingden & Grane  
  CROSSLEY Mar. 2003 Bacup Wife of Arthur Greaves  
  CROSSLEY July 2006 Bacup & Wardle  
  CROWTHER Aug. 2005 Bacup & Todmorden    
  CUDBERT Oct. 2001 Goodshaw Chapel    
  CUMMING Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  CUNLIFFE Mar. 2000 Newchurch Soldier  
  CUNLIFFE Aug. 2006 Rawtenstall Did you miss?  
  CUNLIFFE Aug. 2006 Rawtenstall Jurors' Lists  
  CUNLIFFE May. 2008 Rawtenstall A young Chelsea Pensioner  
  CUNLIFFE Aug. 2008 Higher Booths wife of Thomas Cornall  
  CUNLIFFE Nov. 2008 Rawtenstall Inn Keeper  
  CUNLIFFE Nov. 2008 Blackburn Chelsea Pensioner  
  CUNLIFFE Oct. 2009 Newchuech & Sion Baptist Chapel  
  CUNLIFFE Jun 2012 Rossendale Dialect Author