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St Mary's, Church Rawtenstall
An alphabetical list of ancestors who have appeared in the monthly newsletters
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  Family name Month Year Place Other information  
  SALMON Jun. 2003 Haslingden Union Workhouse Minutes  
  SANDERS Aug. 2000 Haslingden Methodist Minister  
  SANDERSON Jul. 2006 Higher Booths Jurors' List  
  SAYER Oct. 2013 Haslingden Offer of information  
  SCHOFIELD Sep. 2001 Haslingden Gravestone  
  SCHOFIELD Oct. 2002 Rossendale Printer/ Druggist  
  SCHOFIELD Nov. 2002 Rawtenstall Baker  
  SCHOFIELD Oct. 2011 Crompton Wife of John Haworth  
  SCHOFIELD Aug. 2013 Torside 18th C. Baptism former Quaker  
  SCHOLES May. 2003 Rawtenstall Smallpox 1893  
  SCHOLES Oct. 2005 Newchurch Gravestone  
  SCHOLES Oct. 2012 Newchurch Lancashire Assizes 1806  
  SCOBLE Sep. 2001 Rossendale & Cornwall  
  SCOTT Oct. 2000 Haslingden Blue Plaque  
  SCOTT Feb. 2004 Haslingden 17th/18th century  
  SELLERS Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889  
  SEVILLE Oct. 2004 Higher Booths    
  SHORE Sep. 2006 Rossendale wife of Thomas A. Dyson  
  SIBBERING Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  SIBBERING Jan 2011 Haslingden Wedding Photo  
  SIDDALL Dec 2010 Brandwood Quarry Owner  
  SISSON Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889  
  SMITH Feb. 2002 Ewood Bridge & Nottingham  
  SMITH Aug. 2004 Haslingden Metodists  
  SMITH May 2006 Rossendale & Oxford -Strays  
  SMITH Nov. 2007 Bacup Jackson Bible  
  SOUTHWELL Apr. 2002 Rossendale & Cambridgeshire  
  SPENCER Sep. 2007 Rawtenstall Longholme Choir Outings  
  STAIG Jun. 2003 Haslingden Union Workhouse Minutes  
  STANSFIELD Jul. 2009 Waterfoot Manufacturer  
  STEPHENSON Dec. 2000 Haslingden Historian  
  STONES Aug. 2013 Edgeworth 17th C. Magistrate  
  STOTT Dec. 2002 Rossendale Wife of John Rostron  
  STOTT Aug. 2004 Haslingden Methodists  
  STOTT May. 2009 Newchurch Burial 1877  
  SUART Mar. 2002 Crawshawbooth Wife of James Heyworth  
  SUDDERS/SUTHERS Jan. 2003 Higher Booths    
  SUTCLIFFE Feb. 2004 Newchurch Bible  
  SUTCLIFFE Aug. 2005 Bacup & Todmorden wife of James Crowther  
  SUTCLIFFE Dec. 2005 Rossendale & USA Taylors of Rossendale  
  SUTCLIFFE May 2012 Bacup & New Zealand  
  SYKES Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889