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St James' Church, Haslingden
St John's Church, Bacup
St Mary's, Church Rawtenstall
An alphabetical list of ancestors who have appeared in the monthly newsletters
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  Family name Month Year Place Other information  
  GARDNER Dec. 2012 Haslingden Slaidburn  
  GASKELL Feb. 2002 Bacup Soap Boiler  
  GASKELL Oct. 2003 Rossendale Diary - 1883  
  GASKELL Dec. 2004 Newchurch Stephen etc.  
  GATE Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889  
  GILL Aug. 2002 Rawtenstall    
  GOWERS Feb. 2002 Rawtenstall & Norfolk  
  GRAHAM Nov. 2007 Bacup Jackson Bible  
  GRANGER Aug. 2005 Bacup & Cambridge wife of Fred Whittaker  
  GREAVES Mar. 2003 Newchurch    
  GREAVES Feb. 2005 Bacup Warp Sizer  
  GREEN Aug. 2002 Rawtenstall & Cambridge/ Suffolk  
  GREEN Mar. 2003 Newchurch & Cambridgeshire  
  GREEN Oct. 2007 Goodshaw Chelsea Pensioner  
  GREEN Jul. 2007 Goodshaw Chelsea Pensioner  
  GREENHALGH Mar. 2001 Edenfield    
  GREENHAUGH Jun. 2005 Bacup Inn Keepers  
  GREENWOOD Apr. 2003 Haslingden Grane    
  GREENWOOD Feb. 2004 Todmorden/Bacup Bible  
  GREENWOOD Apr. 2004 Haslingden Methodists  
  GREENWOOD Jul. 2004 Rossendale Methodist  
  GREENWOOD Aug. 2004 Edenfield Methodist 1747  
  GREENWOOD Oct. 2004 Bacup Born Yorkshire  
  GREENWOOD Nov 2011 Haslingden & Irish connections  
  GREENWOOD Sep. 2013 Ewood 18th C. Burial  
  GREGORY Jul. 2001 Crawshawbooth    
  GREGORY Aug. 2004 Gregory Fold Methodist 1781  
  GREGORY Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Waterworks Plans 1889  
  GREGSON Feb. 2008 St. John Stonefold War Memorial  
  GRENFELL Dec. 2008 Clough Bottom Townley Estate Trustees  
  GRIME Aug. 2007 Newchurch wife of Joshua Taylor  
  GRIMSHAW May. 2001 Musbury    
  GRIMSHAW Jul. 2004 Rossendale Methodist  
  GRINDROD Feb. 2003 Height Farm Musicians