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St James' Church, Haslingden
St John's Church, Bacup
St Mary's, Church Rawtenstall

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church
War Memorial

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church
St Mary's Roman Catholic Church

Of your Charity Pray for the Repose of the Souls of

Allen Richard  HalsteadRobinson L.
Allen John T.  HarrisonJames
Armitage Henry  HoldenAlbert
Austin Thomas  HoldenMartin W.
Banks Wilfrid  KeirMartin
Bedford Samuel  KellyMalachy
Burke John T.  KellyJames
Bourke John T.  KilboyPatrick
Brown James E.   
Brown John G.  LaffyJohn
Butler Thomas  LaffyJohn
Carten Joseph  LeddyPatrick
Clarke Owen  LloydEdward
Collins James  LyonsThomas E.
Conway John  LyonsJames
Crean Michael  LundyJames
Crean Anthony   
Curran Michael  MannionThomas
Cuddy Thomas  MeersThomas
Daly John  MullanneyJohn T.
Drudy Patrick  McGeeThomas
Durkin John   
Ferguson James  NevinFrancis
Fulcher Charles J.  NeavesFrancis
Flanagan Anthony  NuttallJohn
Gallagher Michael  O'HaraJohn
Gill William  O'HaraJames
Grady Thomas   
Grady John  PatonWilliam
Grady James  WakefieldThomas
Greenwood James E.  WalshJohn
Halstead Thomas  WalshDaniel
Halstead Richard  WalshMichael E.

Who Sacrificed their lives in the
European War 1914-1919
To their memory this Tablet and
Sacred Heart Altar have been erected
by the Parishioners Dec. 1919
May they rest in peace.

Monument details - Imperial War Museum