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Rossendale Branch Newsletter October 1998

Family History Roadshow and Rossendale Roots Exhibition.

Many thanks to all our members who contributed to the success of this event. The Chorley Group brought the Roadshow and all their expertise. After a fairly quiet morning we had a very busy and noisy afternoon. One couple had made a special trip from York and were stunned at all the help they received. Many of our own branch members contributed to the exhibition of local family trees. It was quite a surprise to discover how much material we were able to assemble and what a variety of methods we had used to display our work. The library staff tell me that the exhibition (which remained up until the end of September) was very popular and they had a large number of visitors and enquiries. It was suggested that we might like to repeat the exercise next year.


I would like to remind you that if you are doing any indexing or undertaking any form of research that Michael Hiluta is our Project Organiser  It is very important to avoid duplication of labour. We recently discovered that a large part of the 1891 census index has been copied twice, once by us and once by the Bury branch. Each group has a Project Organiser to oversee projects and there should be an overall Project Coordinator. This position has been vacant for several months and has caused some problems in liaising nationally with the Federation. When projects have been completed they should be listed and subsequently published as part of our publications programme. This is something else which is in need of bringing up to date.

Rossendale Libraries Genealogical Holdings List.

Would anyone be interested in preparing a booklet listing all the genealogical material available in the libraries?

A booklet was compiled by Jean Harrison many years ago but this is now out of date and the library do not have copies for distribution.

Coming Events. Talks, Conferences, Exhibitions.

Saturday 10 October. N.W. Group of FHS. Family History Fair, Stockport Town Hall. 10.00am - 4.30pm Admission £1.50.

Saturday 20 March. There will be a Family History Fair at Wigan Pier organised by Family History Fairs. http://www.3w.co.uk/familyhistoryfairs/

Saturday 24 April 1999. Computers in Family History Conference. The Society of Genealogists and the Manchester & Lancashire Society will be hosting a one day conference in the Chapman Building of the University of Salford

The Coconutters.

According to received wisdom several Cornishmen came north in the late 18th and early 19th century. In particular two Cornishmen came to Whitworth Quarry and started the dances in that area. The first Coconut Dancers were a Stacksteads troop formed in 1857. I have checked the 1851 census (reel HO 107-2247) for the Chapelry of Whitworth and St. John's Bacup. I did not find a single Cornishman! When I have time I will check the same area for 1861.

Rossendale Ancestry & Queries

Jim Lancaster (Bury Group) is seeking information on Nathaniel Booth, c1820 at Sunnyside, Burnley Road. Any information on Nathaniel or his children would be welcome.

Ken Inman (Bury Group) is seeking information on a smallpox epidemic in the Stacksteads area in 1837. Ken is doing research on Poor Law Migration into Rossendale 1835-1837. He will be giving us a talk on this subject next year.

Jack Haworth, 605 Youngsdale Avenue, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada K6J 2M9

email:accorn@cnwl.igs.net  - is trying to trace his tree beyond his great. grandfather George Haworth (1843-1924). George was the son of another George, a tanner who married in Huddersfield in 1829. His children were all born in Lindley but the 1851 census gives him as aged 48, born in Rossendale, Lancs. Of course there are several Georges born around 1803. Family legend says there were 3 Georges so he thinks he could be George Haworth 11 Jan 1803 s of George & Mary Haworth of Walls. P. of Newchurch. Can anyone help?

CHRISTMAS SOCIAL 2 December 1998

Do you have any suggestions for quizzes -games -competitions?

If you have any bright ideas ............ or if you are good at making cakes (very nice puddings would do) please contact Kathleen Ashburner