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Rossendale Branch Newsletter November 2001


7th November. Visiting Uncle Fred, Mary Davison and Jean Harrison will tell us about Fred Harrison.

5th December. Christmas Social. This year we are having a Potato Pie supper. Tickets priced £2.00 are available, from Kathleen Ashburner.


2nd January. The Lancashire Parish Register Society. John Dalton.

7th February. Research Workshop.

Gravestone of the Month (1)

Skew Bridge Cemetery - Gallipoli:

1435 Drummer Joseph A. TOWNSEND

1/4 East Lancs. Rgt. (42nd E. L. Division)

Killed in Action, Gallipoli, 18.5.1915 aged 15 years.

The 1/4 and 1/5 East Lancs Battalions were territorials, recruited in Blackburn, Accrington, Burnley and Rossendale.

The 42nd E. L. Division was the first territorial unit to leave for overseas service (Egypt) in the late summer of 1914. They landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula on 9th May 1915 and were in continuous action until evacuation in December 1915.

Drummer Townsend lived in Accrington.

On another grave, for a young man of 22 years is the inscription:

"Only a boy, but a British boy, the son of a thousand years."

A fitting epitaph for Drummer Townsend.

Submitted by Mary Davison

Gravestone of the Month (2)

(in the month of Remembrance)

In loving memory of our dear Nephews,

Pte. Robert HITCHEN, Worcester Regiment, killed in action in France, July 3rd 1916 aged 18 years.

Pte. Harry HITCHEN, Worcester Regiment, killed in action in France, Oct. 19th 1916 aged 21 years.

"Their duty well done."

This inscription was found on a small broken stone knocked flat, on its back, in St. Nicholas Churchyard, Newchurch in Rossendale.

Submitted by Michael Hiluta.

1901 Census Online

The Census will be available on the internet from 2nd January 2002. You will get a direct link to the digital images of the 1901 census returns. Also 32 million names, 600,000 households and 53 counties of England and Wales. You can view the images for a small fee.

You can pay by voucher or credit card. See the website www.census.pro.gov.uk for a list of places selling vouchers. Access it on the internet from home, public library or record office, anywhere with internet facilities.

Fuller details will be provided in my next newsletter.

Did you miss...... our Workshop and Exhibition?

Exhibation photo
Wilf Day and Michael Hiluta (in the foreground) were photographed examining Wilf’s Pollard Family Tree.

We had a great time. The exhibition was well attended and very successful, one of our first visitors identified her grandmother on a family photograph. We were able to link her to distant cousins from the Axon North Family. They all spent an exciting day exchanging certificates and information.

There were several similar but less dramatic successes.

One visitor arrived carrying a sheet of old wallpaper which began

"In 1660 the Hargreaves Family came to Bacup from Clitheroe."

She had found the handwritten scroll whilst clearing her mothers effects. She saw one of our posters and dropped in to see us. There were few dates on the sheets, but a quick check of the 1881 CD verified some of the facts.

(photo: Lancashire Evening Telegraph)

St. Nicholas, Newchurch -

Parish Magazine 1896.

submitted by Terry Ladley.

Parish Magazine No 57, Church of St. Nicholas, Newchurch-in-Rossendale.

January 1896 (price Twopence)

Clergy. { The Rev. HERBERT BURY, M.A.

Rector. { The Rev. T.B.EDDRUP, M.A. Assistant Curate.


Organist { Mr ALBERT HOLT, Cloughfold.

Choirmaster { Mr H.WHITEHEAD, Rawtenstall.

Sexton { Mr JAMES HALSTEAD, 62 Church Street,Newchurch.

Verger { Mr. JOHN HALSTED, The Square, Newchurch.

The National Schools.

Master { Mr. ROSS.

Infant Mistress { Miss TATTERSALL.

Up to the present the school Library has received gifts of books and money from the following: Mr. COXHEAD, Mr. W. COPPIN, Mrs SLINGSBY, Mrs. E. LORD, Mrs. WRIGHT, Miss MUNN, Misses STAFFORD, RUSHTON, SHEPHERD, M.A.PICKUP, Mr. EDDRUP, and the Rector, and many others have promised help. From the concert and subscriptions, there is about £7 in hand, for the erection of shelves and the purchasing of new books.

The following were highest in their respective classes at the last monthly examination.

Class 1. CLARA HAWORTH, 47 marks.

Class 2. BEATRICE HALSTEAD, 45 marks.


Class 4. ALICE COXHILL, 48 marks.

Class 5. EWEN CRANKSHAW, 36 marks.

The total number of marks attainable was 48.


Dec. 1st ( 1895 ?) ARTHUR, son of Wm. and SARAH A. LUPTON, Wales.

Dec 1st WILLIAM, son of ROBERT and E.J.BENTLY, Boothfold.

Dec 8th FRED, son of RICHARD Wm. and ANNIE. E. PICKUP, Bacup.

Dec 27th ANNIE, dr. of DAVID and ELLEN WOODHOUSE, Dale St.


Dec. 14th JOHN WILLIAM CRANKSHAW, Waterfoot, to SARAH ANN SPENCER, Newchurch.

Dec. 21st FRED TRIPLOW, to ELIZABETH ANN GARDENER, both of Newchurch.

BURIALS. Dec.5th PERCY ATHERTON, Burnley. Aged 13 mo.

Dec.12th FRANCIS REDDING, Waterfoot. Aged 23 mo.

Dec.19th WALTON TAYLOR, Miller Barn. Aged 5 mo.s.

Dec 26th MAUD ANN SCHOFIELD, Bridleway. Aged 15 years.