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Rossendale Branch Newsletter November/December 1999

Group Library

We have received several new microfiche to add to the library.

Bury 1891 census (4 fiche) surnames only. RG1/2127 - 3147

Lytham St. Peter R.C. Church 1837 - 1940. (marriage regs) (2 fiche) index & full transcripts including witnesses.

Marton (Blackpool) St. Paul 1838 - 1900. (marriage regs) (2 fiche) full transcript & index. Marton (Blackpool) St. Paul 1806 - 1900.

Burial registers and MIs. (2 fiche)

Rawtenstall War Memorial

You may remember that in March this year we had a talk from Bill Turner on Rossendale's War Memorials. Bill told us that the first WW1 memorial to be erected in this country was in Rawtenstall cemetery and that he was trying to get it listed as a historic monument. This memorial was erected as early as September 1915 at the instigation of Carrie Whitehead. It commemorates those who died in the early part of the war. Bill has succeeded in his quest and the memorial newly cleaned and repaired has received national recognition.

Finding Military information on the internet.

Military Medals and Records. www.mod.uk/forces.htm (contact addresses only)

Royal British Legion. www.britishlegion.org.uk helps former soldiers who are trying to contact comrades. Also helps relatives to find out about loved ones.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission. www.cwgc.org Records the Commonwealth soldiers who died in both world wars. World War One. www.worldwar1.com Detailed Website, recounting history of the Great War. Packed with maps, documents, biographies and pictures. (extracted from the Daily Mail 19 October 1999)

Family Tree Service on Teletext (Channel 4 p489)

This new service currently consists of 15 pages listing persons either seeking ancestors or trying to make contact with living descendants. If you wish to add your own message (about 50 words on a postcard) write to Family Tree, PO Box 297, London SW6 1XT.

Coming Events. Talks, Conferences, Exhibitions.

Saturday 13 November 1999 Local and Family History Day, Thorne's Park Centre, Wakefield. Activities, stalls, exhibitions, family trees etc. Open 10.30am - 4.00pm. Adults £1.50, Concessions 50p.

Bury Branch Programme change

10 November Transportation to Australia. Fred Holcroft

8 December Christmas Festivities at Rochdale

12 January Gallipoli. Mary Davison

Cissie Green's Famous Pies

From Michael Hiluta....

There is a confectioner's shop in Deardengate, Haslingden, well known for its pies. Cissie Green's has never lost its name locally although the famous lady died in January 1967. Barry Howarth who bought the shop three years ago recently made an appeal for old photographs, printed stories or mementoes to display. All he knew was that Cissie Green had married a Mr. Ashworth. The front door of the shop has the words "Ashworths Confectioners" etched into the glass and the original phone number "Ross. 1099".

So, who was Cissie Green? I was able to tell him that she was Sarah Elizabeth Green, daughter of Arthur Billett Green and that she had married Ernest Ashworth in May 1910, at Salem Methodist Church, Regent Street, Haslingden. They lived at 80 Manchester Road, Haslingden, Ernest was a master joiner before his retirement and had been a partner in the firm of Grindrod and Co. joiners and funeral directors. He died in February 1961 aged 75. "Cissie" died in January 1967 aged 80.

Mr Howarth says that they are still making hand risen pies on the premises using the original recipe. As soon as he took over the shop he had the name "Cissie Green's" added to the shop window. The above information as obtained from the marriage record and obituaries. I passed them on to Barry, whereupon, I was given two of the famous meat pies, 4 current teacakes and one small brown loaf.

From the burial register at St. Nicholas, Newchurch

This could be helpful to someone:

21 February 1879 John Kershaw Newchurch aged 72

24 February 1879 Edmund Ashworth Newchurch aged 69

27 February 1879 Henry Holt Mill End aged 55

The Clerk has written in the margin "John Kershaw was brother in law to Edmund Ashworth and Uncle to Henry Holt".

And finally:

"I can trace my ancestors back to a protoplasmal primordeal atomic globule. Consequently my family pride is something inconceivable...."

The Mikado 1885.

"You should study the Peerage.....It is the best thing in fiction the English have ever done."

Oscar Wilde. A woman of no importance.