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Rossendale Branch Newsletter May 2006

Programme: 2006

Wednesday 3rd May

Alms Houses and Abductions:

The Turner Family

A talk by Barbara Riding.

Wednesday 7th June

Out-Visit: Internet Evening.

Jackie Ramsbottom will demonstrate how you can research your family tree on the net. at Accrington and Rossendale College, Accrington


Wednsday 5th July

What you didn’t see on TV.

Following a number of enquiries Rita Hirst and Jackie Ramsbottom will talk about the background research involved in the production of the Jane Horrocks episode of "Who do you think you are".

Wednesday 2nd August

Research and Enquiries Evening.

Non members welcome.

Wednesday 7th June

Out-Visit: Internet Evening at the Accrington and Rossendale College - Accrington (on the 2nd floor of the new building). 7.00pm -9.00pm

Jackie Ramsbottom will demonstrate how you can research your family tree on the net.

How to get there Note:- do not approach the college along Sandy Lane (old entrance).

It is now necessary to turn right off Manchester Rd., opposite the Park Pub and proceed along Broad Oak Road, pass the Ambulance Station, then turn left into the car park.

Due to a limited number of computers, booking is essential and priority will be given to members who regularly attended the Rossendale Branch. Give your names and telephone numbers to Kathleen Ashburner.

Coming Events

Saturday 27th May

Society’s AGM and mini conference

10.00am - 5.00pm at the Foster Theatre, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.


Registration and Coffee. Two talks in the morning:

Melvyn Hirst (remember him from the AGM held at Rawtenstall?) continues his talk about James Greenaway, Calico Printer of Over Darwen; part 2. entitled - "Where strumpets meet to be brought to bed". If you don’t remember the original talk he will refresh your memory.

Audrey Jones and Abbey Ashby will tell a tale of anguish. deceit, and violation at the domestic hearth under the title of "The Shrigley Abduction".

1.00pm Lunch. Followed by the AGM.

There is an application form in your January magazine. Please complete before 6th May.

The Face of Britain [a search for your ancient roots] A new Channel 4 TV series

The programme company Wag TV is currently seeking families who know a lot about their family and would like to delve deeper and have their DNA tested to reveal their ancient roots.

Imagine if a simple DNA test could show that you were descended from a Viking, a Saxon farmer, or a Norman invader. Oxford University and the Wellcome Foundation have undertaken a pioneering project to do this research and channel 4 is going to follow the entire process.

To qualify you and at least two generations of your family must originate in one of the following regions:

Cornwall, Devon, Pembrokeshire, Kent, Sussex, Northumbria, Cumbria, Orkney.

If you would be happy to have a simple DNA test and have your family history delved into on television then please contact Wag TV as soon as possible.

email dnauk@wagtv.com or call Sorrel on 0207 2166.

A new Genealogy Documentary. [Lost in the USA]

Channel 4 is seeking great characters with great stories who would love to track down long lost families in the United States.

If you would like to know more call Alex Lind on 0207 284 2020 or email Alexlind@TwentyTwenty.tv or write to Twenty Twenty TV Kentish Town Road, London NW1 9NX

Rossendale Ancestry


Margaret Ashworth has written from , Martinstown, Dorchester. (member no 8340) email marash@waitrose.com

She says "I did not realise when I began researching my husband’s family name, Ashworth, how many of them there were / are. I was hoping that in the near future I would be able to visit the area to look up any available relevant records. Alas, at the moment it is not possible. I wonder if any of your members have any knowledge of the branch of the Ashworth family I am researching.

I have identified my husband’s gt.gt.gt. grandfather James born about 1785 in Newchurch in Rossendale. On 23rd April 1810 he married Mary Nuttall who was born about 1789. They had nine children, Alice, John, Maria, Mary, James, Nathaniel, Henry, Nathaniel Nuttall, who was my husband’s gt.gt. grandfather, and Susanna.

On the internet, I have found George Ashworth of Whitewell Bottom who married Ann Baron of Lum, in Newchurch on 26th September 1776. They had four boys, Robert, George, John and James who was born 12 January 1785. Am I on the right track?"

Margaret says she lives only 3 miles from the Dorset Record Office and will be willing to look anything up for a member with interest in this area.

So. come on you Ashworths, there must be plenty of you, who have trawled through the Newchurch registers taking out names, just in case... If you can help Margaret please make contact with her.

Rossendale Strays

CHARLESWORTH, Richard, buried aged 55 of Rossendale, Lancashire - 7th November 1887 at St. Cross Oxford.

HARGREAVES, Annie buried aged 51. of Rossendale, Lancashire at St. Cross Oxford.

NOLAN, Margaret, buried aged 40, of Rossendale, Lancashire of St. Cross Oxford

SMITH, Thomas, buried aged 69 of Rossendale, Lancashire- 18 December 1887 of St. Cross Oxford.

EVENS, John H. son, aged 13 Scholar born Bacup.

Ref. 1881 census Llandyssil, Montgomery. RG11/5489 F23 page 2. Upper Bryntalch.

WHITTAKER. William, 1891 census, Lydbury North, Shropshire. Head, Mar. 57, Living on own means, born Bacup. Ref. RG12/2098 F19 HS71 Totterton Hall. submitted by Brenda Kershaw.

Do you have Rossendale ancestors?

Are you a member of the Society? If so, please let me have your story, or queries for the Rossendale Ancestry section of the newsletter

James Bolton’s Joinery Workbook

Last month Vikky Foster mentioned her gt.gt. grandfather James Bolton’s joinery workbooks. She has 5 of the books, dated from 1866 - 1906. They record his work on many local buildings:

Lumb School, Edgeside Holme School (26 Dec. 1882), Hoyle & Parker Offices in 1896, Roebuck Pub in Waterfoot, G.J. Lord’s shop, Thornfield House in 1895 - for a Mr. W. Mills, Whitewell Bottom School, Salem School and Salem Chapel.

Over the years he did work for most of the local families, unfortunately there are few addresses, just localities, for instance he mentions the Ashworths in Whitewell Bottom, Scout, Wales, Bridleway, Sisclough and Newchurch.

Like most joiners of the time he made many coffins. e.g.

J.W. Ashworth, died 1st February 1881 interred at Bury aged 21.

James Ashworth died 10 March 1883 aged 63.

Fred Ashworth died 8 January 1884 aged 1 year.

Margaret Ashworth died 4 March 1898 aged 71

Vikky’s email is vikkyfoster43@hotmail.co.uk

Branch Programme Organiser

At the branch AGM last month Kathleen Ashburner resigned as programme organiser. We would like to thank Kathleen for all her hard work in arranging the programme over many years. It has always been an entertaining mix of educational and interesting talks. Kathleen has always motivated the members to contribute by giving 10 minute talks, helping at research evenings and generally sharing their experiences with other members. I hope you will provide the same support to her successor Leo Turner who has agreed to take over this position. Leo will appreciate any help and suggestions you can give him.

Help Wanted

Kathleen will continue to act as Branch Representative on the Executive, until we have another volunteer. If anyone is willing to undertake the quarterly trip to Preston in this liaison capacity, please inform the committee. If you have ideas on how the Society should progress, this is the way to have your voice heard.

I would be grateful for a couple of volunteers, who regularly visit Rawtenstall library, to undertake the occasional look-ups for members. It is not reasonable for me to have to make a special journey to check one entry in the Newchurch Registers.