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Rossendale Branch Newsletter March 2000

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GREATER MANCHESTER CRO. www.manchester.gov.uk/libraries/arls

JOHN RYLANDS LIBRARY Special Collections www.library.manchester.ac.uk/

KNOWSLEY LOCAL HISTORY & ARCHIVES www.history.knowsley.gov.uk

LANCASHIRE RECORD OFFICE www.lancashire.gov.uk

WIGAN ARCHIVE SERVICE www.wiganmbc.gov.uk


LANCASHIRE FHHS www.lfhhs.org.uk/

LANCS PARISH REGISTER SOCIETY. www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/LAN/lprs/

LIVERPOOL & SW LANCS FHS www.liverpool-genealogy.org.uk/

MANCHESTER & LANCS FHS www.mlfhs.org.uk/

GENUKI - (Genealogy UK & Ireland) Information Service. www.genuki.org.uk/

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www.familytreemaker.com/links/index.html - Family Tree Maker Genealogical Site Finder.


www.familysearch.org The LDS site Roots


Genea/rsl Genserv at www.genserv.com a database of GEDCOM files.

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For more information see "Internet for Genealogy" by David Hawgood. 1999. £1.60

The Cunliffe Letters

Are you researching the name Cunliffe

If so, you will be interested in some letters which were recently purchased by a local man.

It was 1830 when Jonathan Cunliffe left home to join the Royal Marines at Woolwich Barracks. He writes to his parents asking them to forgive him. In later letters he tells of his experiences at sea. He visits Naples and compares it with London and Paris. He travels to Gibraltar and to Beirut where he was involved in the bombardment of Sidon. He was also shipwrecked in the bay of Biscay. There are tantalising glimpses of his home life "my wife loves another." Jonathan, his wife and children came back to Rossendale after his retirement. He is buried at Newchurch in 1889 aged 82. The letters mention several names. His father John, his brothers and sisters Henry, James, John, Alice, Betty and Ruth. Also John Taylor, Mary Lord, Edward Lord and his brother Peter, William Redyoff and Elizabeth Hitchon.

Coming events, talks, conferences, exhibitions.

Saturday March 25th.

Federation of Family History Societies. NW

Millennium Conference.

From Manuscript to Website Hosted by Catholic FHS N.W. at Liverpool Hope University College

9.45 Welcome Address

10.00 Religion, Life and Love in NE Lancashire in the Middle Ages. Dr. Paul Booth

11.15 Religion, Records and the People. The Tudor and Stuart Parish. Dr. Janet Hollinshead

12.30 Lunch

2.00 Non-Conformist Records and the Family Historian Dr. Michael Mullett

3.00 What next? Mr Michael Gandy Fee £15 to include all lectures, coffee on arrival, lunch and afternoon tea at 4.00pm

Saturday 13th May

LFHHS One Day Conference and AGM at the University of Central Preston.

10.00am - 1.00pm (2 Speakers) Anna Watson, Lancs. R.O. W.J. Taylor, our President Lunch

2.15pm (1 Speaker) Derrick Walkden, Heraldry in the Shire Hall, Lancaster.

3.45pm AGM followed by tea & departure Bookstalls, IGI etc.

Full Day £14.50. AGM only, Free.

Full details will appear in your journal.

Saturday 9th September

The North Wales Family History Fair Conference Centre, Llandudno 10.30am-4.30pm

Where to find....


The following are held at Manchester Local Studies and Archives Dept. St. Peter's Square, Manchester. M2 5PD email archives@mcrl.poptel.org.uk

St John's Church, Bacup:

Baptisms 1788 - 1838; Marriages 1838-1906; at Manchester Archives Dept.

Burials 1788 - 1853. M/c Microfilm

Christ Church:

Marriages 1855-1875. Archives

Ebenezer Chapel (Baptist): Births 1759-1837 M/c Microfilm. Burials 1776-1837 M/c Mf.

Wesleyan Chapel: Baptisms 1786-1837 M/c Mf. Burials 1794-1837 M/c Mf.

Records held at Rawtenstall Library:

St. John's Church, Bacup Bapts & Burials 1788 -1812 mfr.

Ebenezer Baptist Bapts. 1759 -1874 Burs. 1782 -1866 mfr.

Mount Pleasant Methodists Bapts. 1786-1950 Bapts 1786 -1950 Burials 1794-1964

Scout Bottom United Methodists. Bapts. 1863 -1975. mfr.

Records Held at the Lancashire R.O:

St John's Church, Bacup Bapts 1796-1846 Mar 1793-1837 Burs. 1793-1846 (BT- Mfr)

Ebenezer Bapts 1759-1837, Burs.1783-1806, 1812-1837 Mfr.

Irwell Terrace Baptists bapts 1790-1840. Mfr.

Stacksteads Primitive Meths. Mars. 1943-1951

Britannia, Wesleyans Bapts 1873-1935

Central Wesleyans Bapts 1862-1961

Heald Wesleyans Mars. 1887-1911,1922-1982

Mount Pleasant Wesleyans Bapts 1786-1951, Burs 1794-1964, Mars. 1887-1947, 1948-1962

Thorn Wesleyans Bapts 1874-1964 Mars. 1887-1947, 1948-1962.

Wesley Place Bapts 1862-1961, Mars. 1899-1961. Original Regs. Bapts. 1786-1837, Burs. 1794-1837 Mfr.

Bacup St. Mary Roman Catholic. Bapts 1947-1961 Mars. 1947-1954, 1961-1962.