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South St. Congregational Church
Congregational Church
South Street, Bacup

In 1828 the Reverend John Ely of Rochdale came to Bacup in an attempt to establish a Congregation Church. On discovering that those who had leanings towards Congregationalism were also part of the Baptist community at Irwell Terrace it was felt taking these people away from Irwell Terrace would weaken the church and so the project was abandoned.

The next attempt was made in 1846 and was once more postponed. The following year a third attempt was made and this time it was agreed that if suitable premises could be found an Independent gathering would be formed, though this foundered when plans to hire the Lecture Hall in the Mechanics Institute were rejected.

On the 7th February 1848 a deputation from the Congregational Union came to Bacup and after looking at several places acquired the upper room of premises in Union Street. The first meeting was held on 12th March 1848 and from the start it was found to be inadequate and that if the cause was to flourish then suitable premises would have to be built.

The new building in South Street was commenced in 1850 but shortly before the opening one of the outside walls collapsed and the entire building had to be pulled down and rebuilt. The church was finally opened at the end of November 1851.

The first Minister of the church was the Reverend William Waite, a young student straight from college. His ministry was remarkable in that he was ordained on the 1st June1852, married an the 24th June, preached his last service on the 4th September and died on 11th September 1852.

In 1854 the Sunday School was built. This was a single storey building, which could accommodate 300 scholars

South Street Congregational Church - War Memorial

South Street War Memorial

Photograph by kind permission of Rossendale Museum

To the Glory of God
This tablet was erected in
Memory of the Men belonging to this
Church who fell in the Great War
1914 - 1919

Spencer J.Turner John R. Whitworth
Samuel BertieTurner John William Savoury
HerbertGoddard Harry Snowden
Samuel Sutcliffe Sam Nicholls

1939 - 1945
Harry Ogden


Monument details - Imperial War Museum