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St James' Church, Haslingden
St John's Church, Bacup
St Mary's, Church Rawtenstall
Holy Trinity Church, Stacksteads
Holy Trinity, Tunstead
Newchurch Road, Stacksteads

In the early nineteenth century the population of the Rossendale Valley in general was increasing at a rapid rate and by the 1830s it was becoming evident that the churches of St Nicholas at Newchurch and St John the Evangelist at Bacup could no longer meet of the needs of the east end of the Valley. In the late 1830s a building fund was started to build a church at Stacksteads and with large donations from local dignitaries the church of Holy Trinity was completed in 1840 and held it's first service on the 5th of November the same year. The church was consecrated on Michaelmass day 1841 (29th September) and the first vicar was Rev. Francis Fitzpatrick.

The church is a plain building of Early English architecture and was intended to accommodate about 600 people. As population still increased, a gallery was added and subsequently the transept was built, so that the church could seat 1,000.

The church became an independent parish in 1859, taking part of the parish St Nicholas, Newchurch and St John's Bacup along with a portion of the township of Brandwood which lies south of the River Irwell in the parish of Rochdale.

The Vicars of Holy Trinity

1840 -1846Rev. F. Fitzpatrick
1846 -1851Rev. W. Singleton
1851 -1889Rev. J. G. Haworth
1889 -1917Rev. J. Falconer
1918 -1924Rev. A. H. Jeff
1924 -1936Rev. F. Richmond
1936 -1949Rev. L. D. Griffith
1949 -1954Rev. F. Moore
1955 -1962Rev. J. O'Byrne
1962 -1969Rev. W. A. Montgomerie
1969 -1979Rev. N. Wain
1979 -1997Rev. E. J. Ashworth
1999 -2003Rev. S. E. Brook
2005 -Rev. G. Whittaker
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